Hello Internet Machine

Google just told me that there are over 152 million blogs in existence. That 152 million-ish people/organisations/humans/illuminati/dogs (thanks for that one Disney Channel) taking whatever is in their brains and sharing it with the universe. More often than not blogs, especially personal blogs, are a bit kak.

But fear not internet friends. This one is going to be *!~~**mAgIcAl~~!*~~* I promise.

So why is this blog here clogging up the internet machine? Well, I’m Bilbo Baggins-ing it.

I’m going on an adventure.

On Sunday, I’m putting on my big girl pants and traveling overseas by myself for the first time.  I’m headed to China to attend a forum on International Relations and Diplomacy (faaancy) and I’m hoping to record and share all my cool experiences here.

I shall be instagramming the heck out of my trip ( #greatwallselfie #yessss) @heatherscameron

Follow along and get a little taste of the land where Mulan and Mushu defeated the Shan Yu and the Huns. Hashtag excitement.

P.S This is my first blog  so constructive criticism and marriage proposals (if you are Prince Harry/Draco Malfoy/Jon Snow) are most welcome. Thank you kindly.



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