Day 4: Beijing to Xi’an

Transition day.

This morning brought an end to the Beijing portion of the trip.

We had another Chinese lunch (with a lazy Susan. Supliiiise) which was nice although I feel like I’m just getting a bit tired of Chinese food. Never thought I’d say that :O

After lunch we visited the Chinese Ministry of Magic Foreign Affairs.

The speaker explained China’s journey from initial independence to its growth as a super power today. I didn’t agree with everything that was said, especially about Chinese business not being an economic threat to local communities that Chinese nationals emigrate to, but he was open to answering any questions and adorably friendly. It was all very informative and interesting for me but not for a lot of travel blog readers so I won’t go into detail.

That visit drew our time in Beijing to a close.

Then it was on to Xi’an (say it like shee-ann).

The Beijing airport is redonkulously strict. Every single person got beeped going through security and had to be patted down. Even the little kiddies. But hey, can’t complain about extra safety.

And then there was the flight.

I thought landing in Beijing was bad but as the great Robbie Ray would say; heeeeew doggies! Never in my life have I experienced such horrific turbulence. My hands were sore from gripping the armrests so tightly. My iPod decided to die just as the worst of it started so I had no way to distract myself and all I could do was stare out of the window and watch the horizon jiggling about while the plane bumped it’s way through the Chinese sky. A kid sitting behind me put it succinctly when he said: “this shit is not okay”

*~~***>spoiler alert (again)***~~>*
we made it.

Xi’an seems cool. Feels a bit less claustrophobic than Beijing but a heck of a lot more smoggy. I’m most definitely going to have to flush my sinuses out after this. sorrynotsorry for the overshare.

Scoured the streets near the hotel trying to find a Maccie D’s. We eventually did and they had run out of chicken burger patties. Like what did I even leave my room for then. Get your shiz together Xi’an McDonalds.

On a side note: I’m becoming more and more concerned about my accent. Apparently the South African accent sounds Australian/newzealandish/British/Alien. There are soooo many Americans on this trip and only five South Africans and people don’t understand what we try to say most of the time. Also, apparently ‘phoning’ is not a thing- you call people. What? When did this happen? And we say “ass well” instead of “as well”. Errrm…


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