Day 7: Xi’an to Shanghai

Last few hours in Xi’an this morning.

We set off for Xi’ans city wall.

Basically, its a big wall that encircles the inner, older city from the outer, newer city which is home to all the high rise buildings and more modern areas.


A number of us gathered for an early morning Tai Chi lesson right on top of the wall. We looked out over the city while attempting to follow the movements of the Tai Chi mentors who were made up of three older ladies and one old man who liked to shout out instructions in Chinese despite the fact that none of us understood a word of it. They jumped straight into it and performed a whole routine while we tried to follow along. It was pretty much a calamity with us looking like a bunch of new born foals trying to learn how to walk for the first time.

The masters slowed it down for us, going through it step by step until we had some what of an idea of what was potting. At one point, there is a part where you have to stretch your one leg up into the air and hold it for a while. The old ladies were absolutely boss at it. I could hardly keep my leg up for 10 seconds. I was most definitely was close to pulling a muscle. Awks.

Afterwards we were free to roam around the top of the wall.





There wasn’t much to do other than take in the scenery so most of us were chin chilling on the stairs, attempting to get some R & R before the flight to Xi’an.

This flight was waaay better than than the one to Xi’an! Take off and landing were still quite bumpy but that’s the smog for ya.


^The Shanghai sky

Someone told me that the pollution/smog situation would be better in Shanghai. They were wrong. Its everywhere.

But hey, at least we’re in Shanghai; the financial capital of China. It feels more westernised than Beijing and Xi’an with European and American stores like Zara, Marks & Spencer, Forever 21 (<3) and Nike lining the streets. We’re staying in the Regal East Asia hotel which is part of a stadium built in Shanghai (faaancy much??).

Today was Khanyi (another South African)’s birthday so to celebrate, a group of us headed out to a Shanghai club called ‘S2’. The taxi ride there was probably one of the scariest moments of the trip because we had no idea where we were going or what to expect. But the club was the tits (best word to describe it) and everyone had a wild time. Shanghai knows how to put together a niiiiice club. Minus the overpriced drinks and the douchey bartender that took my 100 yuan and then never gave me my change (double douche award) it was a great a great way to celebrate. Who gets to say they partied for their 20th in a club in Shanghai?? Well Khanyi does but still how cray cray is that.


^the three South Africans 🙂

The dance floor was a bit weird because the locals didn’t dance, just stood around tables looking serious. Us foreigners got down to it though and ‘boogied’ (lol when did I turn 70?) enough for everyone.

Highlight of the night was when I battled a Chinese man in a dance version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. At first I had no idea was what going on…I thought he was trying to teach me a spiffy Asian dance but it eventually clicked and I ended up winning a few rounds #minorcelebrity

Cool day and amazing night. Shanghai you are too sweet.

Stare Dolce

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