Why I write

**Note: This was completed as an assignment for a Writing and Editing course I am currently completing at Rhodes University. We were asked to think about why we write. I had to sit and think hard about my reason for adding my scribbles to a universe that is already so full of the ramblings of others. The reason I write is the same reason I started this blog; because I love writing and sharing my experiences and thoughts with the world. If my work can make just one person smile, laugh or simply just stop and think, that’s when I am the most fulfilled. As cliche as that all sounds,this post will help explain. 


When I was in Grade 2, I was determined to be a paleontologist. My class did a series of lessons on dinosaurs and with every day that passed, my two-font-teeth-less grin grew wider and I grew more convinced that excavating fossils and researching the long-gone reptilian ancestors would be my end-game. Fast forward a few years to grade 7 when, following my stint as the lead in my schools production of Archie &Friends, I truly believed that acting was my calling. My twelve year old brain was resolute in its belief that I would be the next Charlize Theron (albeit paler and more freckled).

Clearly my first two career options didn’t work out as I have yet to unearth any stegosauruses or tearfully accept an Oscar for Best Actress.

In Matric, when my initial job aspirations were out of the picture, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It’s a feeling I’m sure many of us have faced and it’s terrifying.

My doubt led me to a career’s councillor who made me complete a bunch of questionnaires (What are your feelings on pig farming? Strongly like, like, neutral, dislike, strongly dislike? Erm…) and answer a whole load of questions about myself and my feelings. After an afternoon of circling answers and deciding whether or not I felt neutral about pig farming, the career’s councillor sat me down and told me that with my academics and my skillset I could basically do anything I wanted. So I was still stumped. My disappointment must have shown because it was then that she gave me a piece of advice that I repeat to myself to this day;

“Do what you love.”

Do what you love? But what about money and security?

“Do what you love.”

But what do I love?  I love my family and my friends. I love my dogs and reading a good book. I love travelling and a really great cup of tea. I love creating things, making art and writing stories.

“Do what you love.”

Writing; it was something I had always just done. It’s something I enjoy and something I feel I’m good at. I started writing because I love reading. The idea that I could create something tangible, something lasting, something that could bring people the emotions that so many great books, fascinating articles and hilarious Vitamin Water labels have brought me, makes me giddy.

Writing takes you places. Whether it’s going on wanderlust affirming trips across the globe as a travel writer, embarking on your own adventure in your mind when crafting a novel or delving into the minds of the subjects you report on as a journalist.

Writing places the world in front of you and dares you to jump out into it.

“Do what you love.”

Sometimes writing makes me sad and sometimes it makes me angry. Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes it makes me question the sanity of the human race. But writing, whether it’s my own work or someone else’s, always makes me feel. It reminds me that I’m human.

That is why I love it.

That is why I write.

2 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. Caitlin says:

    I’m really glad you suck at maths and I could be better at you in that because there is no why I could ever put pen to paper like you do…..its no Facebook marriage proposal. But I have a super talented amazing friend xx idk if thia is appropriate for blogs. Just thought I’d let you know anyhow.

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