Hello Franschhoek. It’s wine thirty.

Since I turned 18 back in 2012, one of the things nearest to the top of my “Things-I-Want-To-Do-Now-That-I-Can-Legally-Buy-Alcohol-In-South-Africa” List was to visit a wine farm.


I finally got to check this off of the list when I visited La Motte Wine Farm in Franschhoek with my best friend Robyn in September.

I wasn’t particularly bothered about which farm we visited as long as I was able to get to taste some high class wine, swish it around my mouth and then comment on it’s ‘fullness’ like I actually knew what I was talking about.

Despite my nonchalant attitude about our destination, Robyn insisted on driving through to La Motte as she strongly believes that it is the most beautiful wine farm in the area.

She’s not wrong. After the half an hour drive from Stellenbosch, I was just keen to get on that wine train but when we arrived I was stopped straight in my tracks.

La Motte wine farm estate, which began creating wine in 1695, is nestled in between the Franschhoek mountains is stunning. The whitewashed cape dutch style buildings sit in the center of the vineyards which roll out all around the farm houses, small buildings and museums.



The vibe of the estate is incredibly calming. Everything is very quiet. The only things audible are the sounds of slight chatter from groups enjoying the hospitality of Pierneef a La Motte restaurant while they clink wine glasses and enjoy the scenery and the soft sounds of the surrounding nature.

Robyn and I made our way to the wine tasting room and sat ourselves down for an hour of intense class and super opulent wine tasting.

What followed was some incredibly wine and us getting a little bit more than tipsy in an embarrassingly short amount of time.










Our friendly and deeply wine-knowledgeable waiter Wouter helped us taste test eight La Motte wines ranging from 2014 La Motte Savignon Blanc to the 2012 La Motte Pierneef Syrah Viognier.









Post-tasting, we attempted to walk over our wine buzzes and took a walk around the barrel room which is adjacent to the tasting room.














Still buzzed after our tastings, we had some lunch at the estate’s restaurant and then took a walk around the farm. There is an art museum on sight which is free to enter and peruse. A local expert on the history of the farm and the area gave us a break down on the history of La Motte and the various famous owners; one of which was Cecil John Rhodes which my University was named after #RhodesRepresent.

While the airconditioning of the museum was greatly appreciated, going through an art-history type lecture is not the easiest thing to do when your brain is in a wine haze. Note for future wine tasters- pad your stomach with lots of food so your body doesn’t absorb the alcohol too fast and leave you wobbling around a fancy establishment like a newborn foal trying to find her feet.

The estate truly is stunning. And it is just one of many wine farms in and around the Franschoek mountains.

A few more pics of the wine adventure:

The La Motte logo






An example of the Cape Dutch style architecture.




Meandering through the gardens.


One last row of grape vines.





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