Internet meanderings: the pros and cons of creeping on fellow travel bloggers

Following other people’s travel blogs is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it is a chance to live vicariously through other bloggers and imagine yourself in their position; taking selfies next to the lakes in Slovenia or sampling some Icelandic delicacies such as Hrútspungur (ram’s testicles) and Svið (singed and boiled sheep’s head) which both sound ridiculously delicious. Lol jk I would rather relive my tonsillectomy than try one of those bad boys. Despite some of the questionable cuisine I come across, perusing other travel blogs is increasingly becoming one of my favourite procrastination tactics past times as they give me a taste of what I hope my future holds (minus the ram balls and sheep skulls).

Scrolling through travel blogs comes with its dark side too. The blog posts, Instagram pictures and videos all act as fuel for my desire to travel. They kindle my wanderlust and prod at my restlessness. It can become frustrating experiencing the adventures of strangers through a computer screen while I’m stuck in my bedroom, taking a break from dragging a highlighter across yet another reading on environmental ethics (Third year politics everybody. Hoot hoot).

Despite the negatives, my cursor finds its way back to familiar blog icons regularly.

One recent post that popped up on my WordPress news feed was A steep step by Foreign Wanders. The post is about the beginnings of this bloggers trip across Europe, starting in Amsterdam. It wasn’t as detailed as I would have preferred and only provided a small insight into what his experience of Amsterdam was. That was until I came to the poem (performed to the tune of “My favourite things” from The Sound of Music). It came as a surprise but a good surprise like finding an extra present that you forgot about on your birthday. The blogger shared that Amsterdam was far too hard to put into a written post so instead he crafted a poem to share his experience.

“Hostels, shag dens and make shift beds.
Chocolate, fries and homemade bread.
Prostitutes, nightclubs, condom shops and beer.
The magic of Amsterdam was becoming quite clear.

Walking for miles out of the city without a map.
Realising its easy, as it is all canals, we found our way back. Jewish quarter, cake shops and packages tied up with string.
These are a few of my favourite things.”

These are just two stanzas from the poem but they already provide some insight into the shenanigans that Foreign Wanders managed to get himself into. It is already more information than he had written in the text of his post. While it wasn’t the most informative post on Amsterdam, the poem was something different; it was a refreshing change from the usual block of text. And it was funny to read which is always a plus in my book.

My internet meanderings have taken me to a ton of places across the world and they will continue to until I complete my degree, get my butt on a plane and go take the world by the horns. When I make my way through Amsterdam in the (hopefully) not too distant future, I too may be inspired to write a poem about my shenanigans in the shag dens (only joking mom) and adventures along the canals.


2 thoughts on “Internet meanderings: the pros and cons of creeping on fellow travel bloggers

  1. Foreign Wanders says:

    Wow! Thank you, I now everything I post is kind of vague and poorly written, but really happy you enjoyed it. Amsterdam is truly amazing, and you have to experience it all…. every last bit. I am truly honoured that you felt you should include a bit of my post. PS… I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Heather Cameron says:

      Thank you so much! And thanks for posting, I really enjoy your stuff especially when it makes me laugh 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your fab poems!! 😛

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