Snapshot: Portobello Big Beach Busk


Saturday 27 August saw the 7th annual Big Beach Busk being held along the Portobello beach promenade.













I had an hour to spend before I had to catch a bus into town for work; so I took a walk along the mile of music. It was lunchtime so the promenade was chock full of people; both playing and appreciating the music.

The musicians could be any kind of street entertainment. There were full on bands with professional equipment and people who had just brought themselves and their guitars. I walked past four youngsters singing to raise funds for a childhood cancer charity; a father and son duo doing their own renditions of a Fleetwood Mac song; two women in their twenties jamming out on matching ukeleles.

I stopped at the girl in the yellow dress, pictured above, playing the violin. I sat and listened for awhile, snuck some photos and people watched before realising I had five minutes to run for my bus.

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