Snapshot: Wine tasting in Santorini

Gaia Wines, founded in 1994, is a Greek wine company with bases in two areas of Greece; one in the Peloponnese and the other in Santorini. The Santorini spot down the road from Kamari beach.Built in a refurbished old tomato factory, it has a terrace that runs straight onto the beach and incredible views.


On my last day in Santorini, my travel buddy Caitlin and I decided to visit the Santorini location to try out some Santorini wines. For €6 we were able to taste four wines; Assyrtiko and Assyrtiko oak fermented were the whites, Agiorgitiko rose, and the Agiorgitiko red. The wines get their names from the kinds of grapes used to make them.

My home country South Africa is famous for its wines and has wineries in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

While we were sipping our wine and gazing out at the Aegean Sea, I thought the Santorini location just might be more beautiful than some South African spots.

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