Snapshot: Dubrovnik city walls walk

If this was an episode of Top Gear (alas it is not), the conditions on top of the Dubrovnik City Walls could be described as ‘Very Wet’ (VW). 


The almost 2km long structure surrounds the beautiful, orange roofed old town of Dubrovnik. Many people will recognise the city from Game of Thrones (our nerdy-sides did get quite excited recognising some of the filming locations around the area) but the city is beautiful regardless of its TV-fame. The walls offer views out over the Old Port, to nearby Lokrum island, up towards the 412m high Mt Srd, and out across the Adriatic Sea.

Unfortunately for us, I think myself or my travel buddy Caitlin must have accidentally angered the weather gods as the rain followed us around the Balkans for over a week. While we managed to get a few hours of sunshine on the afternoon we arrived – which we spent on Banje Beach – the rain poured down on the second day.

Despite the weather, we braved the walls and got around in an hour and a half; making it back down damp but happy (and full of Game of Thrones enthusiasm).

Tickets are 120kuna for adults and 30kuna for students. The ticket also gets you entrance to Fort of St Lawrence aka The Red Keep.

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