Snapshot: Mzinyathi Falls

Mzinyathi Falls, Inanda, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Initially seen on Africa Geographic’s 5 cool places in Durban you didn’t know existed article. Eventually found 2km along a dirt road in Inanda.

mzinyathi.jpgAfter moaning about how there’s hardly anything to do in Durban other than the beach, my friend Robyn and I set ourselves the challenge of making a list of cool things to do in and around Durban.

Mzinyathi Falls was our first stop because it was (supposedly) close by and really beautiful. After a few tries on google maps and a bit of a dodgy drive, we found the falls. It’s not in the safest area so we didn’t spend too long there but we snapped some pics and marvelled at how something so beautiful was half an hour from home.

There are guided hikes of the falls and nearby caves for anyone who would like a closer look.



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