Snapshot: At rest in Cape Town

Hello is this thing on?

A thousand apologies for the four month radio silence. I’ve been busy adulting in Cape Town.


“Oh my gosh how do you have so few clothes??” my flat mate didn’t hide her surprise too well when I cracked open my cupboard doors for her for the first time.

I have last years traveling to thank for my lack of sartorial choices. When you bus from country to country every few days and stay in hostels for months at a time tons of clothing doesn’t really fit into your lifestyle or your suitcase.

Unfortunately I didn’t realise this until after I lugged two suitcases full of clothes +-6000km across the globe from South Africa to Scotland. I remember my mum’s face as I was checking in and my gran’s face after I landed, “It’s just all the gifts for the family!” I assured them.

It was not.

I had to brutally cleanse my belongings before I began moving around Scotland and eventually onto the continent. Looking back, the unsolicited spring clean did me well. Traveling light taught me to live (kind of) light. It made me less precious about holding onto clothes, shoes, books, random trinkets from 10 years ago. This made packing up my life in Durban and moving to Cape Town far less stressful.

Although at the time I was pretty cut up about donating the striped shirt I wore a whole two times when I was 19 to charity.

Now I am in Cape Town with fewer clothes and and more jobs.

Well, one job. After a few weeks of freaking out about my future at the beginning of the year, Safari365 decided to let me create content for their company. While last year it was me traveling across continents, this year I get to help inspire wanderlust in travelers seeking adventure in Africa. I have a flat, a job, responsibilities and bills; adulting!

Cape Town is fantastic. I’m not just saying that because I live here now.

The city is a young professional’s dream. Aside from the pure natural beauty (hello Table Mountain), Cape Town is thrumming with things to do. The city moves quickly and I’m happy to jog to keep up with it. Whether its dinner, shopping, the outdoors, or a night out; Cape Town has something for everyone. Getting to eat my lunch in the shadow of Table Mountain never fails to put a content smile on my face. Unless I’ve covered my chips in rotten tomato sauce (thanks Food Lovers). Then not even a view of Table Mountain can help.

Cape Town’s constant buzz can be overwhelming. That’s why I’m grateful to live out in the ‘burbs. Good Old Plumstead is my tiny spot of serenity outside of the city.

Evenings spent on my balcony, with friends or alone, bring calm. The third floor is just high enough to watch the sun disappear behind the Table Mountain Reserve mounatin range. The sky glows gold; pink; orange; purple; blue. My flat warms with the sun and cools as it moves away. I stand outside on that balcony and pause when I can.

I’m always thinking back on adventures from 2016. Sometimes I forget small things like strolling down Rose Street in Edinburgh when I was early for a shift at work. Or big things like catching a sunset from the deck of a gullet boat in Croatia. Then I remember and get to reminisce and wonder what the future has in store.

Last year, I was in motion. From serving cold bears and hot, overpriced pub food, to running to catch trains, rushing to make memories and waving goodbye to loved places and loved ones.

In Cape Town I’m at rest.

For awhile.





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