Snapshot: Sunset over the Bay of Kotor

I was climbing up a hill again. This has become a running theme during my trip through Europe; climbing up stuff.

This time it was to catch the sunset over the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

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Five things not to do in Paris

You’re visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world; one full of incredible culture, remarkable history, and breathtaking architecture. So obviously you want to make the most of it and have the least possible chance of ending up looking like a nooby tourist.

To help you out with that, here is my list of the five things not to do while in the City of Lights.

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Cambodia: Angkor Wat at sunrise

I make an effort never to rise before the sun does. I could definitely be a morning person if the morning happened sometime around lunchtime; that would 100 % be my absolute best life situation. Alas it does not so I am doomed to forever stumble downstairs just after 11am, reaching blindly for some form of cereal while simultaneously attempting to wipe the sleep from my eyes.

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Bangkok: temples, sex shows and the betrayal of Han Roy

At 6.30 am Hong Kong time on New Year’s Day 2015 our plane descended smoothly over the Indian Ocean and made its way to the Hong Kong airport’s landing strip which is nestled between expanses of mountains. The sun eased its way up past the rocky horizon and cable cars were black silhouettes against the golden sky as they maneuvered up towards the giant Tian Tan Buddha.

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A 23 minute journey

Note: This post was written as a response to the final exam essay question for the writing and editing course I am currently completing. Each of us had to reflect on the work we had completed this semester.Β 

In 1903, the Wright brothers did the world a solid by inventing the first successful airplane. Orville and Wilbur took the thrill of travelling across countries, continents and seas and transcended it into a different zone altogether. 11 years later, the first commercial flight took place. It was a short 23 minute long flight between Tampa and St Petersburg in the United States with the plane flying only 15 meters above about 30 kilometres of bay waters. It was short, but this 23 minute journey completely changed the face of travel.

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