Sharing baths with strangers

Budapest is famed for its thermal baths that are dotted across the beautiful city. It’s also one of the most beautiful cities in the world with incredible architecture lined up along the Danube River. I was lucky enough to experience the city’s beauty in the sunshine during my visit; but on my first day Budapest greeted me with hours of rain.

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Getting There: How not to lose your mind while saving for adventure

A middle aged American man silently shook his beef at me.

A forkful of overdone steak was being shoved in my face. Because the customer is always right, I had to stay calm and repeat a calming mantra in my head; “Think of Athens, think of Greece, think of Athens, think of Greece; think of all of Eastern Europe…Think of the money and don’t tell him where to shove his meat…”

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1O things to do while you’re stuck on a bus

Not all bus rides are going to be like the Magic School Bus. Or the Knight Bus. Or any other cool bus rides in literary history. Most are going to be pretty boring. So while spending time on a bus can be the best if you’re with a friend or two travelling through new cities and countries for the first time, it can also be the worst. Especially if you’re on a public bus for ten hours with on-board karaoke, hoards of tone deaf passengers and nothing to do.

I have endured both ends of the spectrum as well as the mundane middle ground so I feel weathered enough to hand over some travel trips for not going berserk while stuck on a bus.

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Oh Amsterdam, I’m sorry

My calves burned with the effort of pumping the pedals of the bike. A crossing car had cut me off from the tour group which was moving over the bridge ahead. I raced to catch up; desperate to avoid getting lost forever in Amsterdam.

“Sassy Molasses” was my metal, two-wheeled companion but there was nothing sassy or sweet about my cycling ability.

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