Getting from Athens to Kotor

Stress. Stress is all we felt while trying to find out how to make our way from Athens to Kotor.

After hours and hours of googling, it became apparent to my travel buddy Caitlin and I that unless we wanted to fork out hundreds of euros (which we did not have) for a flight, we would have to catch a bus to transfer to Kotor. The bus would go from Athens to Tirana in Albania then we would have to catch another from Tirana to Kotor, Montenegro. Sounds simple enough right?

*Donald Trump voice*


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Snapshot: Wine tasting in Santorini

Gaia Wines, founded in 1994, is a Greek wine company with bases in two areas of Greece; one in the Peloponnese and the other in Santorini. The Santorini spot down the road from Kamari beach.Built in a refurbished old tomato factory, it has a terrace that runs straight onto the beach and incredible views.

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Getting There: How not to lose your mind while saving for adventure

A middle aged American man silently shook his beef at me.

A forkful of overdone steak was being shoved in my face. Because the customer is always right, I had to stay calm and repeat a calming mantra in my head; “Think of Athens, think of Greece, think of Athens, think of Greece; think of all of Eastern Europe…Think of the money and don’t tell him where to shove his meat…”

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