Snapshot: At rest in Cape Town

Hello is this thing on?

A thousand apologies for the four month radio silence. I’ve been busy adulting in Cape Town.

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To Durban, with love

I grew up in a little slice of paradise.

And it took me leaving to realise.

In Durban, South Africa, you’ll find blue skies, palm trees and stretches of sandy beaches. Durban is home to long, hot summers and ‘cold’, dry winters that have its inhabitants wrapped up and wishing for December.

It’s home to many people, different places and different faces. It’s home to me.

So here’s to you, Durban.

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A “casual walk” up Lion’s Head

During my university’s recent third term break, I made my way to the Western Cape to celebrate my best friends 21st birthday. I stayed for the whole nine days of vacation and she and I planned out a full week of activities (many of which we slept through because getting up before 10am during the holidays is just not going to happen when you are a third year varsity student. Sleeping in is a gift from the gods).

One of the things we actually did do was our “casual walk” up Lion’s Head.

One of her friends from the area suggested the activity as a fun thing to do to end off our Tuesday. “Its the full moon soon, you girls should take a walk up Lion’s Head and watch the sunset with some sundowners! It’s so much fun! Grannies and kids do it!” Now, I will take that statement as true if the aforementioned grannies and kids were bodybuilding grannies and terminator kids who are ridiculously fit and go to the gym for fun because Lion’s Head is not a “casual walk”. Lions Head is 669 meters above sea level. Lion’s Head is a hike.

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