Arums by the roadside

Arums by the roadside,

Stark white in the heavy heat of Darling’s sun

Petals droop under weeks of dust

And dry earth pulls at their roots, their leaves, their life.


Standing still, and standing tall,

Despite the heat,

Despite the arid air

White brushes brown

Bright in the Darling haze,

Reaching up,


Poem written as part of my fourth year journalism writing and editing course. 

Arums seen on a trip to Darling, Western Cape.


Internet meanderings: the pros and cons of creeping on fellow travel bloggers

Following other people’s travel blogs is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it is a chance to live vicariously through other bloggers and imagine yourself in their position; taking selfies next to the lakes in Slovenia or sampling some Icelandic delicacies such as Hrútspungur (ram’s testicles) and Svið (singed and boiled sheep’s head) which both sound ridiculously delicious. Lol jk I would rather relive my tonsillectomy than try one of those bad boys. Despite some of the questionable cuisine I come across, perusing other travel blogs is increasingly becoming one of my favourite procrastination tactics past times as they give me a taste of what I hope my future holds (minus the ram balls and sheep skulls).

Scrolling through travel blogs comes with its dark side too. The blog posts, Instagram pictures and videos all act as fuel for my desire to travel. They kindle my wanderlust and prod at my restlessness. It can become frustrating experiencing the adventures of strangers through a computer screen while I’m stuck in my bedroom, taking a break from dragging a highlighter across yet another reading on environmental ethics (Third year politics everybody. Hoot hoot). Continue reading