Chilling with dragons: Four days in Ljubljana

First things first— it’s pronounced “lib-ill-yana”. Don’t worry, I coasted through life calling it “jub-bill-jana” for a good few years before I decided I should probably google the pronunciation of Slovenia’s capital city.

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Bangkok: temples, sex shows and the betrayal of Han Roy

At 6.30 am Hong Kong time on New Year’s Day 2015 our plane descended smoothly over the Indian Ocean and made its way to the Hong Kong airport’s landing strip which is nestled between expanses of mountains. The sun eased its way up past the rocky horizon and cable cars were black silhouettes against the golden sky as they maneuvered up towards the giant Tian Tan Buddha.

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Beginning Dark Star Safari

Taking out books from my university’s library is one of my favourite academic related activities. This is because the book check out machine is self-service and when I use it I feel like Dr Who inside the Tardis, pushing buttons and generally just being a cool, time travelling bad ass (minus the time travel).

A few weeks ago, my writing and editing lecturer scrawled a note on the bottom of one of my assignments suggesting Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux as a book I might enjoy.   So, this past Monday I was even more excited to visit the library (nerd alert)than usual because not only would I get to use the cool self-service check out machine, but I was taking out a book from the Rhodes Library for reading pleasure as opposed to academic use for the first time my entire university career. Continue reading